Show some fire and rage, Dear Delhi


Dear Delhiites,

Our Army is our saviours. They take bullets on their chests from terrorists and die so that we can live and sleep peacefully in our homes. They guard our borders at -50*C at Siachen Glacier so that enemy of our country can’t infiltrate to our cities.

Today, gang of anti nationals including pseudo seculars, fake liberals and presstitutes are going to protest at Jantar Mantar against our valiant Army supporting terrorists.

Dear Delhiites, if you have even slight national pride and love for your nation, give these blood sucking vampires a perfect beating. Beat these leeches black and blue so that they don’t dare to raise their voice against our nation next time.

Dear Delhi, show some rage and fires to these anti nationals…..

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Slight shift in Yellow Journalism

Finally, I see a slight shift in yellow journalism. Arnab Goswami of ‘Times Now’ fame shouted at the top of his voice, “where are the secular gang and Award WAPSI brigade who called India as intolerant, exposing Malda riots bit by bit.
After Zee news, it is Times Now which dared to cover the riots in Malda by Muslim goons.
I have no idea if it is Arnab’s ‘conscience calling’ or the heat generated by social media. But, it is reassuring to witness light at the end of the tunnel. Award WAPSI gang and secular brigade pulled all the stops to target our PM and defame our own country. Corrupt media fully supported the club of the award WAPSI gang and secular brigade. It was despondency and despair that prevailed upon right minded Indians, as this new club was hell bent upon distorting the image of their own motherland.
It must be noted that the rest of the channels still have the same old approach. So online campaign would continue harder and stronger than ever before. Let the heat produce more fire and do the bending (rest of the media) as the battle is gigantic….

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Proud of you, Vaishali

Morally bankrupt media, popularly known as presstitute, did it again. They kicked off their latest campaign to glorify the hanged terrorist Afzal Guru’s son, as he scored above 90% in his board exam. Rajdeep Sardesai’s heart is swelling with pride as he wants to become a cardiologist. Just to remind you Rajdeep, his father also completed the first year of his MBBS course and the rest is history. I wonder Rajdeep if guilt sense ever hits you.
Let’s make such unethical media irrelevant. Meet Vaishali Tukaram Omble, daugther of Tukaram Omble, Mumbai Terror Attack MARTYR, who, despite being shot multiple times, caught Azmal Kasab alive. After her father’s heroic death during Islamic Terror Attack on Mumbai, she not only took care of her family but also completed her B. ED and joined police department as clerk. After returning home from duty, she gives tuition to poor students too ! Like father like daughter. Vaishali, your father was awarded “Ashok Chakra” for his gallantry and self sacrifice. We see your hero father’s image in you. The nation salutes you today….

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Sickening Kejriwal

When every Indian was agitated and restless during the operation of Islamic terror attack at Pathankot Airbase station, in which India lost its seven heroes, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, outrageously, posed in a Pan shop chewing Pan. He didn’t show even an iota of respect for our martyrs, at the same time, he, blatantly, offended national sentiments.
When Malda was burnt and Hindus were tortured by Muslim mobs, he didn’t find it necessary to visit Malda even if he was present in Calcutta. When asked to respond on situation in Malda, he said Malda was not part of Delhi. Again no consolation for Hindu victims on his part.
How come Dadri becomes part of Delhi? Why did he visit Akhlakh’s residence in no time? Why did he shout intolerance at the top of his voice when a Muslim was victimised? His policy and stand is not merely a politician’s politics, but it is more than what meets eyes. How can a politician afford to appease minority for vote bank and upset majority as if their vote bank doesn’t exist? Akhlakh’s family is consoled with flats and jobs, while Hindus are migrating from Malda. Kashmiri Pandits have become refugees in their own country. Why are there no sympathy and support for Hindu victims from most of the political parties? Appeasing Minority and disregarding Majority is disturbing and unsettling. Have we become so irrelevant? We Majority (Hindus) have to find out the answer before it gets too late….

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Every citizen has to contribute

There are people whose job is to only criticise and abuse our PM Narendra Modi. This is how they drain out their mental dirt and filth, nevertheless their characteristics remain same.
There are people who understand Narendra Modi’ dedication for development for country, and stand rock solid by NA MO in every possible way. Huge support to Narendra Modi by people at large, also, manifest one common expectation that he would correct everything. Modi’ supporters have pinned their hopes on him as if he is a magician or God Vishnu. Narendra Modi is the best thing happened to India. Every one knows he is a dead honest, workaholic and dedicated to development for nation. But, if he has initiated “SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAN”, he can not take a broom and sweep himself from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. It is every common citizen’s duty to maintain cleanliness at least in their cities. If his government is insisting on “Safety Road Drives”, it is we who have to follow the traffic rules diligently. NA MO can’t play the role of a headmaster. It is we, the common citizens of India, who have to act in our humble capacity, and react if required. It is we who would make “NA MO’ dream for a strong India” come true. Every Indian has to contribute to make “quality of life” better. We have to improve our civic sense, traffic sense and other disciplines, because it is we who would be benefitted. How would it feel if Indians have experiences of a developed country in their own cities? Think of it..

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Yellow Journalism

They (NDTV, AAJ TAK, ABP NEWS, CNN IBN, TIMES NOW) exaggerated Dadri, but suppressed Malda and Purnia. Their only purpose to castigate, lambaste and penalise majority and appease so called minority continues unabashed. In the process they didn’t hesitate to defame their own country.
The common citizens shouted and cried their being unethical, corrupt and evil journalism. And they seem to have no other option but to endure, helplessly, the pain of distorted truth with biased approach towards Hindus. This bunch of immoral media group are hurting majority’s religious sentiments and reputation of our country equally. Now the question arises. Up to how long people would continue to live in despair and anguish and continue to suffer yellow press both electronic and print.
The right minded and responsible stratum of society have to come forward to find a way how to curb this menace. There must be some way to rein this threat stemming from rotten media. Think of it, guys….

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Congress thrived on anti Hindu policies

So Congress party has been sustaining in power on basis of anti Hindu policies since last almost 60 years. When 60 years old Banyan tree ( Congress ruling) began to get uprooted, after BJP coming to power with thumping majority, Congress party waged a full scale war to reclaim its lost ground. This is how they exposed themselves of their anti Hindu policies. Congress party, its allies, its beneficiaries, its networks of 60 years, did nothing but to spew venom against Hindus in process of recovering its lost glory. This gang unitedly magnified the nondescript crime by Hindus and suppressed Himalyan crime by Muslims. Crew of pseudo seculars exaggerated Dadri incident, conspired Award WAPSI and shouted intolerance, indeed, they didn’t mind to defame their own country.
Babur was an invader, a murderer and a rapist. How can he be our revered ancestor? If a family is looted, killed, their women raped by an assailant, would the same family photo frame the picture of attacker and hang on their wall after regaining their home? Unthinkable and unimaginative! But Congress has been doing exactly the same. Akber Road, Babur Road, Humanyu Road, indeed, New Delhi is full of such roads named after these marauders. Congress did their best to honour these looters. The theory of Minority Appeasement At The Cost Of National Interest continues.
My message to my Hindu fellows: if you want to live in peace with dignity, you have to fight to kill Congress’ Minority Appeasement theory. Wake up, raise your voice, spread awareness and be stronger. Otherwise, my dear Hindus, you never know: when you would be wiped out like Kashmiri Pandits from their own land, when you would be converted to Christianity or Islam like it happened in Kerala and when you would be tortured by Muslim mob the way it happened in Malda. Think of it, seriously…

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